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[kickstarter] Napoléon 1806

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Liebe Freunde, wir werfen einen crowdfunding, um ein Gesellschaftsspiel herauszugeben. Das Tema ist das Kampagne von Preussen 1806. Ich spreche leider nicht deutsch, ich werde in englisch weiter.


We are very pleased to announce the start of a kickstarter project on the Napoleon Prussia Campaign...Napoléon 1806..






On August 9, 1806, Frederick William of Prussia, in reaction to the recent creation of the Confederation of the Rhine by Napoleon, decreed the order of mobilization. War becomes unavoidable. 

The Prussian army concentrates on Erfürt without waiting for the troops of its Russian ally. Outrunning his opponents, Napoleon enters Saxony with the Grand Army on October 7, 1806 and heads for Berlin. 

A week later the Prussians, defeated at Jena and Auerstaedt, retreat North. The pursuit led by the Murat cavalry can begin...


When the game meets history:


Napoleon 1806 is a game at the crossroads of history and simulation.

Napoleon 1806 is the culmination of two history and wargame enthusiasts, Denis Sauvage and Julien Busson, who wished to share this passion with you. 

With Napoleon 1806, in 1 to 2 hours, two players will relive the clashes between Prussian and French at the heart of the imperial conquests of Napoleon the 1st, which culminated in the battles of Auerstaedt and Jena. 

Napoleon 1806 is intended for wargaming seasoned grognards as well as for young conscripts who want to try a new playful sensation. Strategy, anticipation and decision are the engines of the Napoleon 1806 game system. 

The rules of Napoleon 1806 are divided into three parts and can be learnt in fifteen minutes. The first one, called "Rules of the Conscript", allows to acquire all the notions of the game easily. The second, "Rules of the Grognard", brings more finesse including "fog of war". The last, "Rules of the Marshal", allows to play Napoleon 1806 in competition. 

Will you meet the challenge of doing as well as the Emperor Napoleon or will you succeed in thwarting his plans at the head of the Prussian forces? 


How to play Napoleon 1806:


A game of Napoleon 1806 is played in 7 turns, each representing two days of campaign. Players alternate operations with their army corps. Fatigue and losses accumulate until the breaking point of one of the two armies causing the defeat of a player.

The game is based on cards to perform moves and combats. Even if luck is present, strategy is key to victory. Moving your army corps on different approach paths to facilitate maneuvers, managing the fatigue of your men generated by marching and fighting, concentrating your forces in order to win the decisive battle; these are the challenges you will face. 

The French troops are more numerous and more experienced than those of their opponent, but time is short before the arrival of the Russian reinforcements, and the Prussian army is not to be underestimated! The French player to win will have to master the art of attacking and speed of action. The Prussian player, although defensive, will have to seize the opportunities presented to him to counter-attack and surprise his opponent. As the game is fast, each player will have the opportunity to take charge of the fate of both armies in one evening. 


Length: 1 to 2 hours 

Number of players: 

Age: 10+ 


Content of the box:


• 1 game board size 24in x 24in (60cm x 60cm) 

• 2 play aids (orders of battle) on carboard paper letter size (A4) 

• 2 Two-part color screens 

• 2 12-page color booklets in color 

• 2 sets of 36 play cards 

• Over 200 wodden cubes 

• 13 black wooden blocks for Prussian army corps 

• 14 blue wooden blocks for French army corps 

• 1 sticker board 


But who are the Shakos Boys?


Shakos (masculine name): Rigid military headdress with visor, mostly frustoconical, worn by different troops in many countries. 


Denis Sauvage : Game Designer, Denis is a grognard of history wargames, having to his credit several publications centered mainly on the Napoleonic era. He is the author of the series "Maréchaux" which currently has 5 scenarios. He is also the winner of the bicentenary trophy on the "Days of Glory" system, rewarding the best player after 19 years of tournament. 


Julien Busson : Game Developer, Julien is a great enthusiast of the First World War, and of historical wargames in general. As a deep-rooted entrepreneur, he always dreamed of publishing his own historical wargames and his association with Denis, his favorite gaming partner, was unavoidable. 


Nicolas Treil : Illustrator and graphic designer, Nicolas joined the adventure and convinced the original Shakos Boys with his enthusiasm. His work in Indian ink brings the artistic touch in connection with the period simulated by the game. Nicolas has already unveiled his talents in historical wargames through the game "No Man's Land". 

And a few pictures ! 


The box :



The game board :



Follow us on FB ! 


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The design looks promising, very nice, and the campaign of 1806 is a very interesting choice, in my opinion!

Good luck with the project!

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10000 !


Well, this is not the title of the last Hollywood blockbuster... But it's far better !


Thanks to you all, we are half way to success ! This is great, but we still need the same amount for Napoléon 1806 to become reality.


It means 8 more backers per day left. It looks pretty low, but it's not, so we rely on you to share, exchange and speak about Napoléon 1806 all around you.


Whatever, thanks for your support, this is making us willing to go even further together !





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You have friends and you want to make some presents ? Or you are an international backer willing to reduce shipping cost ?


This special limited offer is made for you ! Grenadier is back (for those who have followed the project since the beginning...) !


With the Grenadier reward, you get 3 copies of Napoléon 1806, 40€ each, and very competitive shipping cost.


However, beware, as this offer will end by next sunday, 22 of january !



Edited by Shakos

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Well we are very happy and proud to welcome our first foreign Hussard, and it comes from Italy !


Giochi Uniti : http://www.giochiuniti.it/


Grazie mille !


However, we are still missing some backers to hold the line !


Remember as well that our special Grenadier reward with 3 games for 120€ will end by next sunday !


Many thanks for your support and Avanti !



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We have many news for you today.


First of all, Napoléon 1806 is now present on Board Game Geek. Some people asked why we were not present, answer was that we were waiting validation ! Page is still empty, but we will add content soon.



Second one, we are now over 60%, and as Kickstarter says :

"98% of projects reaching 60% of their goal are fully funded"

So let's hope that we won't be in the 2 % !!!


Third, we welcome a new Hussard who gave a significant jump to the project, meaning that we have currently 4 games shops supporting us :


Philibert : http://www.philibertnet.com/fr/


Thanks all for your confidence !

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A bit more of 24 hours before the end of our limited Grenadier offer.


You can find in the table below how interesting this offer is for our backers. For exemple, for Germany the price with the Grenadier reward is only 45€ per game, shipping included ! 


So if you are part of a gaming association, have friends who could be interested by the game, do not hesitate to group in order to benefit from this offer.

Just a reminder, if you want to add other games, or exclusive palymats, then :


Add 40€ per game above 3.

Add 50€ per playmat you want.

Pop us a message in order to know the exact shipping cost depending on your choice.


Thanks again for your support !



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10 days to get the missing 20% !

Well, we've made a great job till now, but we are still missing a few backers for Napoléon 1806 to become reality and time is running out.

To try to get these 20% we reopen the Grenadier reward till the end of the campaign. This reward permits us to propose the game to a lower price event including shipping cost. This is really valuable for our international backers, as unfortunatly shipping cost weights heavy in the game price... 

Thanks all for your great support. We received messages of support that makes us willing to offer you the best possible game. 



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Yesterday we were in Aubenas games shop, Le Point Jeux, to show the game to boardgames players. It was a good evening, where 8 persons played the game and well, they enjoyed it. You'll find below a few pictures and a small AAR of one of the game.


Main french force, with Davout and Bernadote in first line, concentrates in the east when Lannes and Augereau are threatening the east heading through Erfürt. Prussian try to cover all axes of advance.


Davout exploits a hole in the prussian lines to head north ! Napoléon and Murat follow. Bernadotte stops a few miles from Leipzig. French demonstrates their manoeuver skills and threathens two objectives. Victory looks close...

But, Zeichwitz's corps reacts and occupies Leipzig before the arrival of Bernadotte, and is reinforced by the reserve corps of Wurtemberg. Davout's run to Halle is disrupted by wrong maps of the region (prussian card play) and rain starts to pour impeding movements of the troops. Dream of a quick victory disapears. 


Napoleon is defeated in front of Leipzig against all odds ! Saxon's and Wurtemberg corps resist the french "elan". Davout is threathened in Halle and Erfurt is strongly in Prussian hands.

In the west fierce fighting opposes Lannes and Brunswick, letting both side exhausted.


In a desesperate move Davout goes to Leipzig, seizes the city, but fails to destroy the two prussian corps. It's a French defeat, 4 PVs left for the prussian.

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Am 31/01/2017 um 21:06 schrieb Shakos:

A quick overview of the project advancement with some pictures.

Firt thing, we just opened a pledge manager. You can find it here :

This pledge manager will permit you to place a late pledge if you missed the KS campaign. This will also be the last opportunity to get the exclusive playmat of the game (neoprene 2mm with PVC ultrasmooth top).  

You will find below the last graphics of the game components. 

Cards :



For those who followed the KS campaign, we added a symbol in the top left in order to indicate clearly when you can play the card during the operations segment.

Corps :



Battle orders :


And a few drawings from Nicolas we will use for the rulebook layout :


Concerning game delivery we are still in line with a delivery in October 2017 !

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We are pleased to announce that we have finished the layout of the components of the game. We still have a few proofreading to validate the English rules, and finish the box as soon as we have his final size. You will find below pictures of the latest components completed.

As a reminder, you can always preorder the game by going on the pledge manager:

Furthermore, at the end of this month, you will no longer have the opportunity to choose the game board ks exclusive (Neoprene expanded from 2 MM 80 mm x 80 cm), because we'll send it in production.






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The exclusive playmats are there! While waiting for the rest of the components to be ready (reminder: October 2017), we received the playmats printed on neoprene base 2 mm thick. I sincerely think that those who ordered it will not be disappointed, but I let you make your own idea with a series of pictures !

Note : It is always possible to pre-order the game (and the exclusive playmat) here


Note 2 : The rules of the game profread, corrected and with layout are there:







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