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  1. I continue working on expanding my port. I have made two different dock sections that can be combined to make a custom dock. I add the link where you can buy it. I hope you like them. http://modeljship.com/en/43-terrain-and-scenery-1700
  2. I only comment on the steps that I followed to be able to carry out the exploitation and modification of these designs, I don't know if it was exaggerated by my part so, I have a document where he explicitly allows me the sale and modification of these buildings. This may not be necessary, but in that case I prefer to make sure.
  3. Free printing for personal use, not exploitation. It does not hurt to let the owner of the work know that he intends to sell it. I did it and there was no problem in it.
  4. Ask the buildings' owner for permission as I did for sale to the public.
  5. Nice, nice, nice Tomorrow I do the shipment
  6. I already have the buildings and the fort available on my website, I also have a the palm trees for the 1/700 scale. http://modeljship.com/en/43-terrain-and-scenery-1700
  7. Here with some buildings to compare the measures.
  8. My latest building, a fort named Santa Bárbara from Alicante city. Sculpted in green putty, cloned and painted for a naval wargame.
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