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Patrick O'Brian - The Uncertain Land and other Poems

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In Patrick O'Brians Nachlaß wurden bisher unbekannte Gedichte entdeckt. Es sind hundert, und zwischen den 1940ern und späten 70ern entstanden. Nächstes Jahr sollen sie unter dem Titel "The Uncertain Land" veröffentlicht werden.


Starting from the early 1940s, when O’Brian worked as an ambulance driver during the blitz, and ending in the late 1970s, by which time O’Brian was a bestselling author, the poems cover an enormous range of topics. From his amusing ditties composed for his colleagues in the ambulance service, O’Brian’s focus shifts to the countryside of Wales, where he moved after the second world war, then to France, where he lived most of his life, finally ending with sombre reflections on ageing and death. (....)

Although O’Brian guarded his privacy – he was famously cool with reporters fishing for snippets of personal detail and many of his fans were upset when elements of his early personal life were revealed in a 1999 exposé – Smith [Anm: Herausgeber]  said the poems were surprisingly autobiographical.



Es gibt zwei Kostproben, eines der Gedichte heißt "The Wine-Dark Sea".

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